Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Leave any garage door torsion spring Pickering repair service to us. Don’t engage in any repair work related to such tensed parts. Springs need to be tensed in order to elevate the heavy overhead door but if this tension is accidentally released, accidents will happen. Pickering Garage Door Repair offers same day spring repair. We replace, fix, adjust, and install all types of torsion springs. As specialists in spring systems designed for residential application, we can also replace and take care of extension springs as well. We provide timely and affordable services and our techs are bonded, insured, qualified, and trained for your own peace of mind.Garage Door Torsion Spring Pickering

Rely on our urgent broken torsion spring replacement

Call us if the overhead door won’t open. If the opener makes noise but the door won’t go up, the spring is most likely broken. Rest assured that we provide immediate broken garage door torsion spring replacement. And you don’t have to worry about the new spring. Our company can provide it as well. As soon as you provide us with the characteristics of your door in terms of weight and size, we can come out with the right size torsion spring replacement and install it for you.

We offer spring repair services

Whether you have galvanized or oil tempered springs, trust torsion spring repair to us. Springs do need services too. Their coils must be lubricated to remain noiseless and flexible and thus effective. But there is also a need for torsion spring adjustment. As spring coils stretch and contract during each cycle, they eventually lose power. With our adjustment service, we add force but we can also release tension – if they are too tensed.

Overhead door won’t open? Call us

Whenever you have spring problems in Pickering, Ontario, or suspect that there might be a problem with the spring, call us. If springs suddenly snap, there might be tragedies should anyone stands around let alone property damage. If springs are broken, you won’t be able to open the door either. So give us a call if you ever need any help with your garage door torsion spring in Pickering ON.

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